As a former collegiate and professional athlete, Jordan had the unique opportunity to serve as a leader in a variety of contexts and countries. After playing professional basketball in Canada, Mexico, Luxembourg, and Germany, he served as a coach and leadership consultant for Xtraordinary Outcomes.

Jordan went on to serve as chief empowerment officer for a startup organization, where he worked with the executive team on how to lead effectively and develop a thriving culture and completed his master’s degree in positive organizational psychology and evaluation. 

For the last several years, Jordan has consulted with academic organizations, businesses, executives, and collegiate athletic teams to develop solutions designed to improve team and individual performance.  Specializing in mindfulness interventions, he creates industry tailored programs based on the latest research and science that integrate mindfulness into daily work settings so that lasting habits are built for peak performance.

As a coach, Jordan works with clients to establish clear goals, develop tangible action steps, identify and address limiting beliefs, and leverage strengths.  For the last two years, Jordan has worked in conjunction with LeAD labs to provide and oversee executive coaches as part of an immersive leadership development program.  

Jordan is currently pursuing his doctoral degree from at Claremont Graduate University, where he focuses on strength-based leader development, feedback, and leadership assessment. He believes that by emphasizing individual strengths, providing clear feedback, and facilitating leadership goal setting, people have the potential to develop into effective, authentic leaders. Jordan’s research interests include mindfulness, group flow, and mental wellness. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, surfing, meditating, writing, volleyball, basketball, and virtually anything that involves movement and the outdoors.