Reverence is a word chosen for the silence that follows whenever it is spoken. Yet it is an action, to have reverence requires intention. Life is precious. We have less than a million hours to live on earth. 300,000 of those are spent sleeping, and another 500,000 will be spent on work and maintenance. Leaving us with a finite amount of time to make the most of the life we are giving. Revering life as a beautifully brief opportunity to explore ourselves and the world is the lens we have chosen to use. 

To fully enjoy our time here a healthy body mind and spirit are essentialOur intention is to share what we have learned along our journey as students of life. As athletes, we are naturally geared towards a life of active engagement. Moving, traveling, creating, meditating, all aspects that have led to an inward journey of fulfillment. Take what you need from this buffet of knowledge and hopefully it serves your highest fulfillment.