Magic potions are real and have been for thousands of years. Curing ailments, thickening hair, bedroom boosts, there is truly an herb for everything. One of the main purposes of herbs is to enhance the spiritual experience of human life. To understand ones self at a deeper level, peeling away levels of dis-ease, until all that is left is you and a healthy potent you at that. Here is a taste of what has worked for us in the past and what may work for you. Side note: we have no certifications as nutritionists. We are curious and want to see what the 3,000 years of hype is all about.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms have been getting a lot of hype recently and rightfully so. These adaptogens have been used in oriental medicine for hundreds of years for a variety of reasons. Adaptogens basically means that the plant, in this case mushrooms, are intelligent and when they enter the body they do what is most needed of them. This may consist of clearing out sludge, or repairing neurons in the brain, or barking orders at the circulatory system to get things moving again. Whatever the bodies need adaptogens do it. Start with Reishi and cordyceps. Both are powerful medicine with a host of benefits from boosting immune system, regulating blood flow, boosting libido, and regulating kidney function. Meaning it connects you to your feels and helps process emotions before they turn to stone.

Tips: get some powder from a solid source, we recommend Jing Herbs, and others. Add some to coffee, tea or smoothie. If your feeling especially brave take it on its own at night before bed. Great way to clear the consciousness from the day.

Eucomia Bark: Known as the athlete’s herb, this plant is all about fortifying and enlivening. From a tree in china? This herb helps nourish the sinews, relax adrenal glands, and invigorate the body. Perfect for a pre/post workout served either in liquid form, or in a powder form. Become more in tune with your body and vital self.

Cistanche: Buckle up boys. This is the real deal. Cistance is a cactus, a strong cactus, that happens to be one of the more potent vitality herbs out there. Aside from the desired effects of increased stamina, vitality, it also can increase the connection between partners. I would recommend taking it with a partner before a night and see what happens.

Concoction of the season:

Its cold so we are going with a hot tea consisting of …. This will be sure to keep your fire warm until spring comes along. Winter is traditionally a time for reflection and preparing. these herbs will be working with you to keep your body fresh and energy flowing so when it comes time for a spring sprint you will be loose and ready.

Morning Rituals

Each day opens with an opportunity for expansion. The chance to travel towards destinations within and otherwise that have yet to be charted. As the call to explore grows louder, the need to find rituals that center and align become more apparent. Before racing out into the world, tune in. Stop and breathe. Sit and meditate. Stretch and extend. Listen to music. Slow down mind, drop into body, and let soul take the reigns.